CE Standards Must Be Questioned

Ce standartları mutlaka sorgulanmalı

CE Standards Must Be Questioned

MEKAP, which has become the symbol of quality and continuity, continues its activities with the slogan “Comfortable, robust and healthy.” The company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, works to deliver its products to its customers as soon as possible.

In 1972, MEKAP, the first brand in Turkey to produce with the Polyurethane (PU) injection system, added occupational safety shoes to its product range in 1996. MEKAP, which has become a symbol of quality and continuity since its establishment with its philosophy that prioritizes customer satisfaction, aims to deliver its products to its customers as soon as possible with its comfortable, robust and healthy slogan.

Our aim is to create differences and offer innovations to users by providing quality service in the field of occupational footwear on the basis of HUMAN HEALTH. MEKAP, which strives for continuous improvement by incorporating new technologies applied all over the world in order to realize this mission, provides services in two separate facilities in Trabzon in a closed area of 14,000 m2, with its machinery equipped with modern technology and a production capacity of three million pairs per year. In addition, the construction of a new facility of 12,000 m2 in Zonguldak Çaycuma continues. With the confidence, we have in the future of Turkey, we continue to contribute to the economy of our country and especially to the Black

Sea region with our investments, and we will continue to do so.

In our country, especially in the last ten years, with the legal regulations in the field of occupational safety, the human health-centered perspective in working life has moved to a different dimension. With these regulations, investments in the occupational safety sector gained momentum. In the last two years, there has been a significant increase in both the number of manufacturers and the imported products, especially in occupational safety shoes. This increase, aside from providing benefits to the users in terms of providing quality products and finding products suitable for their qualifications, has also created problems.

The most important of these problems is whether the CE standards that must be complied with during the production of the products are fully implemented. Unfortunately, the investigation of whether the products produced or imported are in compliance with the standards, especially CE-certified productions, are neglected and not questioned as much as necessary. Unfortunately, field supervision in occupational safety equipment is extremely inadequate.

Today, the budgets allocated by employers for occupational safety are always reduced even more, which is a pity that under competitive conditions; directly affects the quality. This demonstrates how vital supervision is. Unfortunately, it will not help anyone to question this only when there are occupational accidents. Employers are obliged to supervise whether the occupational health and safety measures taken in the workplace are followed, to inform the workers about the occupational risks they face, the measures to be taken, their legal rights and responsibilities, and to provide the necessary occupational health and safety training.

In order not to be exposed to a possible occupational accident, it is very important for the manufacturer, supplier and user chain to question the necessary documents in the products they buy, and to question whether the certification bodies are accredited institutions, not only the certificate. These issues are very open to abuse and are of vital importance.

MEKAP; With its certified production in line with international standards such as CE, EN ISO 20344 /20345/20347, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 always prioritizes the quality and trust that the users deserve. MEKAP, which is one of the few companies in Turkey with its knowledge and experience in the field of occupational safety shoes and has been providing you with the same excitement and desire for 45 years, will continue to meet your needs with your support in its facilities in Trabzon.

Necati Gökhan ASLAN


SABAH NEWSPAPER – 24 March 2017